VoIP Systems & Remote Solutions

Effective Voice over IP Solutions

Whether for a nationwide corporation with numerous branch offices or a small privately owned business VoIP solutions can help cut your communication costs and ultimately increase employee productivity and efficiency. You may have some questions about the specifics of VoIP.

What is VoIP? 

Voice over IP (VoIP) is an emerging technology which allows for voice communication over your data network. Essentially, it converges your voice and data network into one entity utilizing IP protocol for universal application. 

What can VoIP do for me? 

VoIP can save your organization from expensive communication costs and provide you with some advanced features for call handling. Because voice communication becomes available on your data network new calling features, such as soft phones, call accounting, and GUI administration are made easy to employ. These features increase the average employee productivity by enhancing and streamlining the communication process and integrating with many existing computer capabilities such as email. 

How can VoIP save money? 

With the convergence of your voice and data networks you will no longer have to pay separate costs to different carriers for voice and data service. Plus, if your business has multiple locations you will save on inter-enterprise communications by completely cutting out long-distance charges between locations and centralizing voice trunking. 

VoIP Solutions for Small Business

Small Business VoIP Solutions

Zen-Tel offers new VoIP solutions for small businesses and branch offices available from a variety of manufacturers from Avaya to Cisco. Businesses with small offices located in different parts of the world can take advantage of the savings made possible by local dialing wherever an IP enabled switch resides. Plus, with advanced features only available through VoIP services small business VoIP solutions offer a distinct advantage to those requiring advanced communications capabilities.

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Large Enterprise VoIP Solutions

Large Enterprise VoIP Solutions

IP/PBX solutions from Zen-Tel give large enterprises the ability to centralize voice trunking in one area and access remote networks via internet protocol. Users will have the ability to use digital phones or IP phones on the centralized IP/PBX from anywhere there is an internet connection. Plus most IP/PBXs support the most advanced telephony management and application capabilities available. This means, for example, that a call center employee can utilize the local call center server to access features and place calls, even though they are located in another state.

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