Voicemail & Unified Messaging Systems

Zen-Tel offers a variety of voicemail & messaging system packages from most manufacturers. Because voicemail packages available from Zen-Tel are expandable any voicemail hardware you choose can be configured to enable the optimal usability and capacity for your needs at the lowest possible cost to you. All equipment is covered under our 1 year normal use warranty and quality is assured. Most voicemail systems are also eligible for coverage under our maintenance/service plans.

Kansas City Voicemail Systems - Nortel, Norstar, Siemens/Rolm, Avaya
Nortel Norstar Voicemail Systems

Nortel Voicemail & Unified Messaging
Nortel voicemail & unified messaging options are available for any sized organization and includes all Nortel, Meridian, and Norstar series messaging systems. 

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Siemens/Rolm Phonemail Systems

Siemens & Rolm Phonemail
Siemens/Rolm Phonemail systems are designed for virtually any organization and provide messaging services on all Siemens/Rolm switches as well as third-party switches. 

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Avaya Definity, Partner, Merlin messaging systems

Avaya Voicemail & Unified Messaging 
Available Avaya messaging systems are designed specifically for Avaya Definity, and Partner phone systems but can also be employed on third party phone systems. 

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