General Questions


What is – is a website designed to provide purchasing and support for telecom products as well as a resource for requesting related telecommunication and data network services. The site is fairly large and includes full product descriptions, documentation, and purchasing for most Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Norstar, Siemens, and Rolm products.

What products are available for purchase online? – Most Nortel, Siemens, and Avaya product lines are available. However, there are exceptions. Certain products and software licenses require system configuration information for accurate pricing. In these cases you can request a quote for the product and we will provide an evaluation and quote free of charge.

How can I use documentation? – All documentation is available for viewing and reading. However, due to copyright infringement issues the .PDF documentation cannot be downloaded or printed.

Is an accredited vendor? – Yes. is a fully authorized member of the National Association of Telecom Dealers and is registered with the Better Business Bureau.

What is refurbished equipment? – Refurbished equipment is equipment that is no longer new and may have been used before. All refurbished equipment sold is in full working order and excellent condition. In most cases, refurbished equipment will look and function as if it is brand new.

Do you sell manufacturer discontinued items? – Yes. sells all Nortel, Siemens, and select Avaya systems and products. We do recommend purchasing newer product lines because you will receive better support however, discontinued items are available for purchase.

How long does it take to ship my order? – Please see our shipping information under Policies.

How do I review past orders? – You can go to ‘My Account’ and access your Order history. From this interface you can review past orders, print invoices, and track packages. For more information see ‘Using My Account’ below.

I live outside of the United States (US) can you ship Internationally? – Yes. We cannot process International orders online, however. Please call us at (866)693 – 6835 and we will place the order for you over the phone.

Can I return equipment if I don’t like it? – Yes. Please see Policies.

How do I make a password? – To create a password simply register as new user and enter your information. When you are asked to type in a password simply type it in. Please use more than 5 characters (numbers and letters only) and make it something only you would know.

Affiliations and Accreditations

Avaya SME Expert

Cisco SME Expert

Nortel Authorized Partner

Leawood Chamber of Commerce Member

NATD Member – Zen-Tel is a member of the National Association of Telecom Dealers; an exclusive association with strict quality and proficiency requirements for membership.

Better Business Bureau – Zen-Tel is a member of the Better Business Bureau and upholds the principles of quality and customer service that the BBB require. Also Zen-Tel is on the 2004 – 2005 Better Business Bureau Honor Roll for customer service.

Browser Settings

Cookies – To place orders and use the shopping cart cookies must be allowed. They are not used for any information other than order processing and site improvement.

Browser Security – Browsers provide different levels of encryption: “Standard” (40 or 56-bit) and “High” (128-bit). Encryption scrambles secure information passed over the Internet and provides an additional component of security highly important for Online Ordering and any secure transactions you make on the Internet. It is one component of the “combination lock” that keeps your personal information and credit card number secure.


Finding and Researching Products

Not sure what you need?

Call Us – We will be more than happy to help assess your specific needs and help you get the exact setup you require.

Didn’t find what you need?

We carry many more products than we put up for sale online and we can locate and acquire almost any product at very short notice. Please contact us for any of your telecommunications products needs, no matter how extensive, and we can help you out.


Selling Telecom Products

Selling Excess Inventory

What products can I sell? – will buy any Nortel, Norstar, Siemens/Rolm, or Avaya equipment in any kind of condition. Pricing will depend upon the quality and condition of the equipment.

Using the Sell Inventory form – Simply fill out the form located by clicking on the ‘We Buy Inventory’ link at the top of the page. Include all of the fields possible (the more information you give us the more accurate your quote). Then submit the form and you will be contacted about purchasing your equipment.


Using My Account

New Customer

Registration is required for ordering – In order to correctly fill your order and ensure secure transactions you must register.

Creating an Account – To create an account either ‘Continue to Checkout’  from the Shopping Cart or click on the ‘My Account’ link at the top of the page. From that page go to ‘Register New User’. Then simply fill out the forms to create your account. You will then be able to perform Online transactions, check on Orders’ status and change account options. You will also become eligible for online discounts.

Changing Account Information

Changing General Account Details – Simply click on ‘Update Account Details’. You can then update any information you want.

Changing Billing Address – This should only be done if the address on your Bank/ Credit Card statement changes. Simply click on ‘Change Billing Address’ you can then update address information as you require.

Changing Credit Cards – You can use any Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card you wish as long as it is valid. Only one credit card will e stored in your account. Simply click on ‘Change Credit Card’ you can then change to any credit card you want.

Changing Shipping Address – You can have the order shipped wherever you like in the lower 48 United States. Simply click on ‘Change Shipping Address’ you can then enter in any valid address that you want.

Order History

Using Order History – You can use your Order History interface to access order information, check on warranty status, print copies of invoices, and track order status and package shipping.

Accessing Order Information – Simply click on ‘View History’ in the ‘My Account’ menu. This will bring up a list of orders. You can then click ‘View Details’ to see the specifics of the order.

Tracking Orders – On the main order menu of the Order History interface (this first page you see after clicking ‘View History’) is the Status and the Tracking #. The Status refers to the part of the process that the order is in prior to shipping. If Status is ‘Order Completed’, it has been shipped. You can then use the tracking # on the UPS website to track your order.

Printing Invoices – On any order’s details page you can print a copy of the invoice for the order. Simply select ‘Print Invoice’ at the top of the details page.

How long is an order stored? – Orders are stored in the database for your retrieval for at least 1 year. You can access your information for at least 1 year after placing the order.



Technical Support

Talk to a Tech – For any technical questions or issues on Nortel systems and equipment you can call (866) 693-6835 or contact us and speak directly to a certified technician.

Support Documentation

User’s Guides – offers basic Users’ Guides for most Nortel, Norstar, Siemens, Rolm, and Avaya systems, equipment, and components. Simply contact us and we will get you whatever information you need.
Note: Advanced User Guides are not currently available due to copyright infringement issues.

Additional Questions

Additional Questions – For any customer service, sales, or additional support questions please call Zen-Tel Support at (866) 693-6835.