Nortel Meridian Digital Line Card (vintage EB) - NT8D02EB

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Warranty: 1 yr. - Normal Use
Availability: Available. Usually ships in 1-2 business days using UPS
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The NT8D02EB Nortel Meridian Digital Line Card (vintage EB) provides the interface for as many as 16 digital integrated voice and data sets for a total of 32 ports. The digital line card's integrated processor controls card operation, identifies cards, performs self tests, reports status to the controller, and performs maintenance diagnostics. Up to 16 Digital Line cards can be used per IPE module.


  • Compatible with all Meridian Option PBX systems
  • Provides interface for up to 16 digital integrated voice/data sets for a total of 32 ports.
  • Provides card operation controls
  • Identifies cards
  • Performs self tests, status reporting, and maintenance diagnostics
  • Maintenance contract coverage is available for this item

Product Details

Manufacturer: Nortel

Part #: NT8D02EB
Warranty: 1 yr. - Normal Use
Shipping: UPS (Available in lower 48 states for online orders)
Ship Date: Ships in 1-2 business days
Availability: Available
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